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Grow and Give

I was reading Jeff Goins’ blog about writing and being a writer. He recently posted an article about building a “platform” of content that people come to anticipate and appreciate. Perusing the readers’ comments, I ran across this statement, and I think it’s a gem, a thing of beauty:

“So I have found peace in being me. And as I grow, I give more.” –Ngina Otiende

I’m finding that the more positive a blog is, the better the comments tend to be. Great job, Jeff, in fostering an audience that listens, and contributes value as well.


Commercial Virtual Tours – Marketing Benefits

In the last several weeks, Best Property Marketing (our Virtual Tour and Real Estate marketing service) experienced a surge in Commercial Virtual Tour business. These have been strictly buildings in North Central Indiana that are for sale or for lease.

office building reflection

The main client for these VTs has been Tom Harrold at Harrold-Chandler Real Estate. Thank you, Tom, for your business and your trust in us!

Here’s an example: 1626 E. Jefferson Street, Kokomo (The “Guyer the Mover” facility)

We’ve also submitted quotes for other Commercial clients, and hope to continue to grow in this area. If you know a commercial property manager in Central Indiana, we would appreciate the chance to demonstrate the value of using Virtual Tours to increase their marketing impact.

Briefly, some of the benefits of including a Virtual Tour with your Commercial Real Estate listing:

  • This marketing tool can help show the layout and flow of a property, as well as the condition of a property, and approximates the experience of “being there.”
  • An excellent method of qualifying your prospects. If they’ve seen the Virtual Tour, then call for a visit, that means they are sincerely interested.
  • They show the potential buyer that you are serious about selling or leasing the property!
  • Their marketing impact and visual appeal is superior to a slide show of still images.
  • The web link for a Virtual Tour can easily be posted to Facebook or Twitter, or e-mailed to an interested shopper!

Commercial Virtual Tours start at $200*, which includes 4 Hi-Res panoramic “spins” (up to 360°) plus 10 still images. For additional cost, we can provide up to 30 combined images (spins and stills). Your tours can also include dimensions, feature descriptions, maps, and floor plans. For more information, contact JR via (765) 997-8687, or Thanks for your interest! (UPDATE: We now include 5 Hi-Res “spins” per basic commercial tour at the $200 rate.)

*Typical. Multiples or special applications can drive the investment even lower!

“Where Ya Been?”

Work In ProgressHello, friends and fans of the Marketing Mercenary! I want to apologize for the six-and-a-half weeks since the last post here.

*Whew* I feel better. Don’t you?

Instead of making excuses, or even explanations, I’ll just jump in and post some new (and not-so-new) items that will bring us up to date. Thanks for your patience!