Marketing Mishaps #3 – Special 5-Hour Energy® Edition

I’m not going to spend more than one sentence criticizing how Living Essentials, the folks who make 5-Hour Energy, apparently spun a wheel or threw a dart to choose their new branding character: an Old West sheriff. energy beverage

Maybe just one more sentence: What does that have to do with needing energy??

OK, moving on.

Along with the new branding figure, they began using a new marketing slogan. It’s an “epic FAIL” in my mind. Tell me what you think in the comments below. Their new slogan is “Hours and Hours of Energy.”

No kidding? You sold 9 million bottles a week in 2011, and that’s the best slogan your marketing folks could produce? The only positive thing about this slogan is that it doesn’t appear to be offensive in any way – well, maybe only to marketing folks. Or writers. Or…

I’ve written 10 slogans that I believe  are better than “Hours and Hours of Energy”:

  1. What Will You Get Done?
  2. You Can Rest When You’re Dead (Just kidding!)
  3. Alert and Productive When You Need It!
  4. Alert. Productive. Power.
  5. Feel Great and Work Great!
  6. No Coffee Needed
  7. Rock On and On.
  8. Keep On Rollin’
  9. Don’t Get Tired, Don’t Get Wired, Get 5-Hour Energy.
  10. Make Your To-Do List Disappear!
  11. Reach For More.
  12. (Bonus) Refuse to Quit.

I’m confident ANYONE can come up with a better slogan than”Hours and Hours of Energy”. What are your suggestions?


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  1. J.R.

    Thanks for your kind words, Jeannette. Some ideas take a little more work to develop than this one! 😀

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