A Tiny World

My wife and I attended a St. Patrick’s Day party in Noblesville last night. About 800 people were rockin’ to The Flying Toasters at Mo’s Irish Pub. We met a very friendly stranger with a goofy hat on. I took his picture, and he told me to post it on Facebook. I found him on Facebook today…

facebook logo

and he and I have a friend in common, that I know through Rainmakers.

Some people say that social media isolates people because all their interaction is on-line. I beg to differ with that. I have met a number of people on Facebook that I have been fortunate enough to meet in person later. At least one of them may become a sort of partner in my business. And I hope to have long, wonderful relationships with these people. God bless ’em. Use Facebook, Twitter, and the others to make real-world friends.

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