Add Value To Create Raving Fans

CLASSIFIED INFORMATION: You get to watch fireworks in a minute.

added value helps create fans“Add Value” is a term for giving stuff away to your customers. In this article, I’m focusing on the business-to-consumer arena, but some of the ideas might transfer easily to business-to-business efforts, regarding customer service and customer retention.

Some of these are huge, and some… not so big. But they all demonstrate gratitude to current customers. None of them asks you, the customer, to make a further purchase. Ever.

My favorite recent example is the Indianapolis Indians (AAA baseball team). After every Friday night home game, you get to enjoy a great 7-minute fireworks display right there at Victory Field! Who doesn’t like fireworks? It’s a memorable way to say “thank you” to all those in attendance, whether they enjoy baseball, or just came along for the ride. For those that may work or live in the surrounding area, it’s also a great advertisement for future games. A+

My wife buys a certain Clinique make-up product from their corporate website. They enclose a small free sample of another Clinique product every single time. Another very nice touch: when you open the shipping box, you’ll find the item wrapped in tissue paper, held together with a shiny foil “C” seal. My wife calls it “the boutique feeling” and appreciates it very much.

Pastarrific Italian Restaurant in Kokomo will cater your event or function…. They also provide “catered” to-go meals, or ready-to-eat items for large numbers of people. The “to go” items are prepped in throw-away aluminum pans, with plastic serving utensils. This is a smart move, as long as you don’t mind serving your family picnic, civic group or Boy Scout troop with plastic spoons and tongs. If that’s the case, then you are an instant fan when you realize that you are serving a delicious meal, and you don’t have to wash or return ANYTHING after the meal is finished. (I understand this is somewhat common, but I know that some restaurants provide the food in steel pans, with metal utensils. Nothing wrong with that, if you don’t mind returning items to the restaurant.)
I have seen a car wash add free “Wheel Brite” to your wash, but I can’t remember which one. Anyway, who wouldn’t like shiny tires?

Papa Roux Cajun Restaurant in Indianapolis gives away UNLIMITED FREE SIDES with your meal purchase when you dine in at the restaurant. Spectacular!

When you purchase a new vehicle at Tom Roush Mazda in Westfield, Indiana, you get free car washes for the life of the vehicle. Not unusual, but definitely a nice touch.

These examples are just a few that I have experienced. Can you draw inspiration for your business from these examples?

As a business owner or marketing person, what can you “give away” that will really make your customers feel appreciated, without expecting any more money from them?

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