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We Seriously Love Our Customers… And Those Other People.

happy valentine's day!Happy Valentine’s Day! I love my customers so much, I’m going sweeten this wish with a delicious offer: EXISTING CUSTOMERS can take 20% off a marketing video for your business!

Now, if you’re not already a MM customer, you may say, “Hey, I want a discount, too!” Here’s your treat: Buy a business video at full price (that makes you a customer), and get the second one at 33% off! See the “About JR” tab for contact info.

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Bring On 2013! Tips for Snow Day Success

bring on 2013 - happy new yearYou’ve got little to fear in the face of the developing blizzard in Indiana and the Eastern U.S. states on December 26, 2012…

You’ve already beaten the End of the World predictions based on erroneous interpretations of the Mayan calendar.

You’ve also just come through what’s arguably the most hectic, taxing, financially draining time of the year and had a (hopefully) safe, joyful, and successful Christmas.

Way. To. Go.

In fact, you may have some virtual office time at home, due to the storm. I’m going to take the liberty to make some suggestions for an easy-yet-productive Snow Day to help get your 2013 (snow) ball rolling!

1) Watch the multi-tasking! Freedom can bring the temptation to overdo it.

2) Make a list of the things you would LIKE to accomplish today, and place a star (★) next to the three most important items. Work on those first. Actually, Read the rest of this list first – it will probably give you some task ideas.

3) Recharge needed devices, like your mobile phone, flashlight battery, and laptop. Make any other needed preparations for a potential storm-related power failure, including fresh water.

4) Organize your tax information for 2012. Won’t it feel great to beat the tax deadlines by weeks or months?

5) Clean off your desk.

6) Purchase a training resource that will give you a boost for the start of 2013.

7) Write your thank-you notes for Christmas gifts or other holiday festivities.

8) Update your Internet browser or any other software, if needed.

9) Make a plan for a healthier lifestyle in 2013, including exercise, diet, and relaxation. Why wait until New Years?

10) Read your Bible.

11) Search YouTube for a business topic in which you’ve been wanting to make improvements. Watch one video, and bookmark two more.

Many of these have probably been on your “mental list” for a while. Now they’re on your paper list. What other items are you considering that will help you get a great start on 2013?

Feel free to contact JR, the Marketing Mercenary, for help with your 2013 marketing calendar: Thank you for reading my blog in 2012, and have a blessed and safe New Year.


128 Days – Are you getting ready?

128 days until Christmas 2012It’s 8-18-2012. That means after today, there will be 128 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS 2012.

If you haven’t already done this, create a calendar on which you can plan all your business marketing, networking, and advertising from today through theWinter holidays. Have a plan.

Don’t take a reactive approach – that leads to feeling that your business is out of control. Be like Santa – grab the reigns and guide those reindeer through a great holiday season!

COMING SOON: “How to have a strategic and successful Christmas 2012” – a detailed guide for planning the rest of your year to bring the business success you want.