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The Hangnail

A hangnail drives you crazy. It catches on your clothing, your coat sleeve, your desk drawer. All day long.

You pick at it because it’s wrong and out of place. It keeps getting worse. Sometimes, it actually hurts.

Don’t you wish your undeveloped mobile marketing was a hangnail?

If it bothered you constantly, you would fix it, wouldn’t you?

If customers would pester you every day, saying “When I view your website on my phone, everything is TINY, and I can’t get around!”, you would work on improving that, wouldn’t you? Because no one wants unhappy customers.

Actually, something far worse is happening, when you have a website that is not suited for mobile delivery: customers move on.

Or, maybe you have a great mobile site, but no mobile loyalty program? No “top of mind awareness” that’s developed from the fact that over 50% of people, ages 18-30, primarily open e-mails on their phones. Do you have a way to reach the huge number of potential customers that use their mobile devices in restaurants and coffee shops?

That hangnail is getting more irritating, isn’t it? It might even be starting to hurt.

Fix it.

It might be as easy as using a plug-in like WPtouch, if your website is built on the WordPress platform. (Depending on your site, that might be just a temporary fix, but it’s fast and free.)

Mobile loyalty programs can be set up using a plastic key tag with a bar code or QR code, e-mail, or many other ways. You could even have your own app developed, which is a very hot trend now. Create your next e-mail campaign, assuming that people will read the messages on their mobile devices. Many of them are.

Would you like to borrow my fingernail clippers?

If you’d like some help with developing your mobile marketing strategy, or developing the tools to do what you know needs done, contact J.R. with Marketing Mercenary.

Grab That Testimonial – Part 2

Capture that testimonial! (See Part 1)
Yes, I’m a professional videographer/director/editor (I could add some more slashes, but that’s enough for now). Why would I suggest that you capture it yourself? Well, you might have a customer standing at your counter, telling you how much your great products and service make their life better.

Get out your phone camera, or Flip Cam, or laptop webcam. Record it yourself, right then, to capture two things:

1) The words and ideas that convey the true emotion your customer is feeling.

2) The ~willingness~ of that customer to share their feelings with you at that moment.
This video clip can be edited to remove the stumbles, or to enhance the audio and visuals. I can add a logo and title at the beginning, your customer’s name where appropriate, and your contact information at the close.
“But what if it’s really noisy and shaky, or the customer had an embarassingly awful time getting their words out?”
Let’s use that “outtake” to write a script (or at least an outline) for a reshoot, where the customer can prepare, and we can set up lighting, a microphone, control the background noise, and get a much more professional-looking and great-sounding recording. Once it’s edited, you’ll have a great story to let potential customers hear from one of your happiest clients!
This social proof helps change a person’s mind, from “will they buy from you?”, to “when will they buy from you?” Happy shooting!

For more unbelievable helpful advice, feel free to shoot me an e-mail: jr (at) Or, call (7650 997-8687.

Grab That Testimonial – Part 1

You may have heard that the personal testimonial is the most powerful way to influence would-be customers to patronize your business. The second-most-powerful marketing tool is a similar testimonial, captured on video. A testimonial is a great example of “social proof”.
You can use the video (or a link to the video) in the following:
  • Social media posts (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, CraigsList, Yelp, or almost any other)
  • E-mail
  • Printed link in your brochure or business card
  • QR code link for mobile consumption
Because of this flexibility, video is a perfect tool for all businesses.
I’m not going to be one of those “marketing experts” that tells you what a great idea something is, without telling you how to accomplish it. Tomorrow: Grab That Testimonial – Part 2 (How and Why)

Keys to Mobile Marketing Success – Part 3 of 4

keys to mobile marketing success part 3Keys to Mobile Marketing Success, Part 3:
Respond to Them Instantly

Ironically, this post appears about a week “late”. I was on vacation last week, and did not prepare this post in advance, so I apologize for the delay. Now, let’s get to it!

First, you may need to review the first post, in which I define “mobile marketing success”. Take a look by clicking here.

Instant Gratification

In preparation to promote our mobile marketing platform, I found that responding “instantly” was one of the main factors preferred by subscribers. They want what they want, right now.

Fortunately, the infrastructure of your mobile marketing platform will (most likely) automatically respond with your message when a person sends a text (typically your chosen keyword) to your mobile marketing phone number. (Our LocalMobiDealz system will send a welcome message within two minutes of receiving the keyword from a new subscriber.)

If they can get the “coupon” or offer immediately, you should offer some incentive

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Keys to Mobile Marketing Success – Part 2 of 4

This week’s “Key to Mobile Marketing Success” is item #2 – “Offer it to them first.” Keys to Mobile Marketing Success - Part 2 of 4

 Last week, in Part 1, we defined success in mobile marketing, and we talked about how to make the subscribers to you mobile marketing keyword lists feel like they’re getting the best you can offer.

This week, we’ll spend a few moments on how to give them the earliest opportunities to connect with your brand and spend money!

(For a very brief overview of how mobile marketing can help your business, please watch the video about our LocalMobiDealz platform!)

Give It To Them First

The primary reason behind “Give It To them First” is to give your subscribers the feeling that they have the earliest opportunity to

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Keys to Mobile Marketing Success – Part 1 of 4

Keys to Mobile Marketing Success

Welcome to my series on Mobile Marketing, and thanks for your interest.

First, let’s define “success”. The best ways to use mobile marketing and advertising for your business are what works the best for you. Now, before you cry “foul”, let me go a little further.

In my mind, the word “success” means you’ve reached your goals. So, look at your the goals that your company or organization is trying to meet.

Next, read up on mobile marketing, talk to marketing folks that are using mobile, and decide which goals are most appropriate to a mobile marketing strategy. For example, you might want to:

  • Increase the amount of new customers
  • Get existing customers to buy higher-priced products or services.
  • Get existing customers to help evaluate new products.
  • Improve customer service to as many customers as possible.

Since any of these goals (and many others) can be met via a mobile marketing strategy,

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On the way: Keys to Mobile Marketing Success

Here’s a taste of what’s coming very soon:

1) Offer Them the Best

Give your mobile subscribers opportunities to take advantage of early releases

  • Invite them to be the first to try new flavors
  • Previews before a new product launch

Offer your mobile audience the biggest discounts

  • Give them a substantial discount if they act before the public announcement. This will help to create “buzz” about your product or service.
  • Give them a substantial discount just for allowing you to market to them any time you want!

More to come… Stay tuned!


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