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I’m not just talking about the weather.


Thanks to everyone who visits my site today, many for the first time. Please feel free to share this post to “encourage” your friends and relatives to take meaningful action. Rock on. –JR


Instagram Adds Emoji to Hashtags – Internet Dead-Ends?

Instagram Adds Emoji to Hashtags – #SocialMedia Dead-Ends?

I really enjoy the progress of tech and the Internet most of the time. However, Instagram announced today that they will include emoji within hashtags on their picture-posting platform.

I can’t wrap my mind around that. I understand the expressive aspect of emoji, for the person adding those characters to their post. However, a benefit of the hashtag is using them to find similar content to that which you’re interested. In other words, clicking on a hashtag is like asking “What else is being said today about the topic of my choice?”

How likely are you to enter #sonsofanarchy<3 instead of #sonsofanarcy, for example? Seems to me that this new development will result mainly in dead-end hashtags. In other words, they look clever or will perhaps illicit a smile when posted, but no one will search for it to reveal more widespread use on that platform. A dead end.

I’m also fairly certain that inclusion of emoji will make #somethingthatsalreaydhardtoread even worse.

Instagram did not bother to explain why they had created this solution-in-search-of-a-problem. Upon searching the webz, I found an article on that strongly implies Instagram is just keeping up with the Twitter Joneses:

Twitter, of course, has recently started letting users add Star Wars emojis via hashtags.

(Yikes. Perusing my Twitter stream for about 45 minutes today, I saw no such hashtags.)

Thanks for nothing, Instagram. #futurefail

Failure to Launch – A Tale of Facebook Frustration

If you have started a Facebook Fan Page, congratulations! Fan Pages can be a great platforms for interacting with your audience. Fan Pages can be wonderful tools to find new fans and potential customers. A Fan Page can be an occasional activity for your marketing person, or a daily obsession for your entire staff and “tribe” of fans.

Fan Pages can be launched with a bare minimum of information and engaging content.

DO NOT DO THAT. Seriously, don’t.

I have received four invitations to “LIKE” new fan pages in the last three days. One of them had only started a few days ago, but the description fields in the “About” section were all filled out, and numerous updates about recent activities had been posted.

It was ready.

It had plenty of answers to my questions: What is this organization? How long have they been around? How would I get in touch with them?

The other three all looked very much like my example image, which was actually taken from a page to which I was invited. The names have been omitted to protect the offending parties.

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A Big Switch

drinking tea instead of coffee

My current tea of choice.

You may be done with your first cup of coffee for this bright Monday morning. Typically, I would have had at least two or three cups by now. However, a couple of weeks back, I read an article from Accelawork about the benefits of tea, and they revealed some things I’d never heard. Now, I’ve been a raving advocate of coffee for many years. I even have a cabinet full of coffee cups from all over America. However, I’ve also been battling acid reflux for a long time now, so I decided to give tea a try.

I’m happy to report that I’ve nearly replaced coffee altogether. I’m also happy to tell you the lift from tea is different and good. I don’t feel “buzzed”, just alert and aware. And my acid reflux is all but gone.

I’ve pictured my current favorite. I’ve actually been keeping a box of Plantation Mint around for years. I find that hot tea does well to calm coughing fits that occasionally wake me in the middle of the night when I have a cold. Mint was sort of a random choice a long time ago that I enjoyed and stuck with. And, frankly, unflavored tea is still pretty boring to me. I typically don’t bother with herbal or decaf teas. Don’t really see the point, since my goal is to enjoy it as much as coffee.

What does this have to do with business? Obviously, alertness is good for productivity. But something even more beneficial to your productivity is your long-term good health. Read the linked article for more on this. Then, enjoy your beverage of choice, and have a great week!

Full text link:

What is your experience with coffee vs. tea?

How to Have a “Stellar” Week

Star PowerBasic Productivity Boost  – Just start the week (and each day) in a “stellar” way:

It’s Monday. Let’s not “ease into” this week.
★ Make a list of the things you want to do this week.
★ Put a star next to the things you have to do today.
★ Get to work immediately on the starred list.

Re-prioritize along the way if absolutely necessary.

I understand that some projects or activities call for a more complex approach. Give those items a list of their own.


The Year of the Banana

The Year Of The Banana

The Year Of The Banana

It’s my own decision. I have not seen it proclaimed on any calendar or news site.  I am posting this for my own benefit, and if it helps you – great! For me, 2012 is officially The Year of the Banana.

Last year, I read “Do The Work” and “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield. Both of those works talk about defeating Resistance, and producing results in your vocation, hobby, or other of life’s goals.

This morning, thanks to a link that was tweeted by my writer friend Erik Deckers (@edeckers), I landed on the blog of another writer by the name of Jeff Goins. Goins’ post was called “The Last Writing Prompt You’ll Ever Need.” and it lead me to his e-book, which I’ll let you discover on your own. The e-book was very similar to Pressfield’s work, with a kinder, gentler style.

With Goins’ material fresh in my mind, I started to make breakfast. I began thinking about how long it has been since I updated this blog. In my hand at that moment was a banana.

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Max & Relaxin'


“God’s earthly creation holds nothing better for the soul than a good and faithful dog.”

JR, 9-13-2011.

(If you were counting on a business or marketing application to today’s message…maybe you should relax once in a while. Get a dog. Spend some time with him.)

The Wind Can Blow

The Wind Can Blow

The Wind

We are grateful for the things for which we have worked hard, fought, struggled.

We give thanks for the people and possessions that deep down, we feel we could someday lose.

In your life, what are you taking for granted? Think about something you never think about losing.

Give thanks for that today.


MMMM Food For Thought – Admit It

Admit It

Food For Thought

It’s Marketing Mercenary’s Monday Morning, and here’s what I’m chewing on.

I made a mistake. I called a client, and told her something. It could have caused her to rearrange her schedule. A short time later, I realized my mistake.

I could have saved face, and let it seem like I knew what I was doing. She would have had to scramble, possibly change other appointments, make child care arrangements…who knows. That would have kept me from admitting any problems with my habits and “systems.”

But, instead, I called again. I had to apologize for my mistake, and any inconvenience it might have already caused. As far as I know, I didn’t cause her any major problems.

This happened with a brand new client. Would this matter to you?

What would you have done? What if it had been much more major – what then?

MMMM Food For Thought – What You Put In

What You Put In

Food For Thought

It’s Marketing Mercenary’s Monday Morning, and here’s what I’m chewing on.

Many, many times, you’ve heard people say, “You get out of it what you put into it.” It seems to be universally true. I think it’s most often used in terms of a civic organization or a self-improvement strategy – some effort to better one’s community or personal situation. I most recently heard it in terms of Rainmakers, one of the business networking groups to which I belong.

It seems that, in various situations, some frustrated folks might think, “I’m putting A LOT into it (whatever IT is), and not getting a lot out of it!”

In that case, it’s time to evaluate the quality of what you’re putting into “it.” You might be putting forth enough effort, but not putting the right kind of effort into “it.”

What do you think? Are there times when you made an adjustment in your efforts or attitude, and it made all the difference?