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Hard-Core Networking: 4 Tips for Being Unforgettable

Hard-Core Networking: 4 Tips For Being Unforgettable

Networking is about starting and building relationships. And, about getting referrals. Yes, it’s also about giving referrals. But for the next few moments, we’re going to talk about making an unforgettable, share-able impression when you attend networking functions.

These can also be used when you make initial contact with someone in a business or social arena. The main point is your first impression, and each subsequent one, being as strong as possible. Now, the faint of heart, please return to Facebook at this time. For the brave, we forge on.

1) Know your company, your product/service, and why YOU are in the position to acquire customers. This knowledge is power in any business conversation.

2) Give a brief, hard-hitting introduction that covers all three.

3) The “Tight Ask”* – make sure you ask for something or someone specific enough that 80% of the people in the room think of a specific THING or PERSON to which they can refer you the INSTANT you say it.

4) Make it DROP-DEAD easy for people to contact you:

  • A great business card
  • A memorable website domain name
  • A memorable e-mail address (based on that memorable domain name)
  • A freebie that folks will use, like a bottle opener, pen, or flashlight, imprinted with your name/number/e-mail

When I say “memorable” it could be funny, clever, or just really, really easy to remember due to it’s clarity or simplicity.

You don’t have to do all these things at your next opportunity. I don’t do them all, but I have seen all of them done to great advantage. I’m confident in this: when you start adding these strategies, you start seeing better results.

You want better results, or you wouldn’t be reading this, now would you?

If you would like to find out how on-line and traditional tools can give even greater impact to the strategies above, contact J.R. via Subscribe to my forthcoming newsletter by clicking HERE.

*I first heard this phrase used by Tony Scelzo, founder of the Indianapolis-based networking organization called Rainmakers. You can find him at

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MMMM Food For Thought – Respond Quickly

Respond Quickly

Food For Thought

It’s Marketing Mercenary’s Monday Morning, and here’s what I’m chewing on.

Danny O’Malia, customer service expert and former head of O’Malia Foods, spoke at the Rainmakers Kokomo Biz2Biz event last Thursday. He told us that one of his favorite customer service recommendations is this: “Respond unbelievably fast.”

This kind of approach shows customers and others just how important they are to you.

Simple and powerful. Just what I need! Have a great Monday.

Mr. Omalia can be reached via

Networking Notworking?

If you’ve been attending networking events, but you don’t feel like you’re getting everything you could out of the experience, then this may be just what you need. Scott Pumphrey (Rainmakers, Team MonaVie) initiated a sort of “Networking 101” series this morning at The Vault, a new coffee shop in downtown Kokomo.

Scott Pumphrey at The Vault

Scott Pumphrey Leads at The Vault

The workshop was well-attended, but there’s still room for you, someone else in your organization, or those just starting out in business. It would also be a great way to learn about networking if you’ve never been to such an event in your life. Membership in a networking organization is not required.

Set the “repeat” feature in your calendar for a 1-hour session every SECOND Thursday morning at 10:30 a.m. at The Vault, 223 N. Main in Kokomo.

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Are You Getting Ready?

These bees are in preparation. As much as we would hate to admit it, they are preparing for the colder months that lie ahead. They swarmed around this hummingbird feeder, as if the cooler nights recently have signaled that winter might be just a few days away.

Bees Preparing For Winter

Bees Preparing For Winter

The metaphor is obvious, and I can’t miss this opportunity to issue a gut-check for your business for the coming months: Is your business ready for all the excitement and stress of the 4th Quarter of 2010? Are you prepared for the planning and strategy development to move smoothly into the 1st Quarter of 2011? (Yikes, it’s just around the corner!) Are you getting the referrals you need for your business to grow?

If you answered “No,” the help you may need can be found at the next Rainmakers Kokomo A.M. event. If you answered “Yes,” come and share your wisdom and strategies. Either way, the overall goal is the same: we all want our local economy to expand and grow via the success of small and large businesses!

On Tuesday, Sept. 7, at 7:30 a.m., the place to “bee” is the Half Moon Restaurant & Brewery in Kokomo. Get out your calendar or device right now and mark it in. Don’t “bee” late! (You didn’t expect me to miss an opportunity like that, did you?)

I really tried to resist saying this, but I just can’t.  The Rainmakers Motto, special blog post edition – Bee More. Serve More.

And stop calling me, “honey.”

Rainmakers Biz2Biz Launch Report

Welcome Sign

Welcome Sign

Well before the start of the event, around 50 businesspeople from Kokomo and the Central Indiana region had gathered at Continental Ballroom. They met to support the Rainmakers Kokomo effort headed by Sherry Rahl of Star Financial Bank to create lasting improvement for the local economy.

This effort started with the formation of a Biz2Biz (Business to Business) Power Circle, which met for training at Star Financial Bank (Markland Avenue) every Thursday morning since last May.

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Timing Is Everything

In nature and landscape photography, it seems like timing is everything. For example, take a look at these photos of the pre-dawn sky. They were shot only 3 minutes apart.

Tming Is Everything

Pre-Dawn Sky, 3 Minutes Apart

In business, it’s possible to miss a key opportunity by only minutes as well. This Thursday, for 90 minutes, Rainmakers Kokomo Biz-2-Biz will conduct it’s long-anticipated launch event! And these could be important moments for the future of your business. With your help, we may be able to initiate the relationships that will bring you to higher business and personal success than you ever imagined. Big words? Yeah. Find me Thursday at the event, and I’ll back ’em up.

Here’s the what/where/when:

What: Rainmakers Kokomo Biz-2-Biz Launch
Where: Continental Ballroom, 920 Millbrook Lane, Kokomo IN
When: 8-19-2010 5:30-7:00 p.m.

Shoot me an e-mail at with any questions.

Every one-on-one’s a winner!

Get smarter.

Reach higher.

Care more.

Everyone wins!

You know I’m a huge advocate of business networking. I have been encouraged to seek self-improvement along the way, and have encouraged other as well. Reading (and listening to) more books, attending the occasional seminar or workshop, and utilizing a business coach is making me a more capable professional, and it enhances my personal well-being.

The one thing that carries the greatest benefits is the one-on-one, where I share an hour or so with another professional, learning as much as I can…

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Added Value Monday

First, a quick reminder to attend Rainmakers Kokomo AM tomorrow morning at Half Moon Restaurant, 7:30 a.m., on Kokomo’s south side. Part of every Rainmakers event is the Rock Star award, where we (hopefully) surprise a fellow businessperson with a rock. Everybody signs it, and it’s meant to remind them that we recognize some exception quality in their professional or personal character or habits. This month’s Rock Star is…well, come and find out!

Jack Klemeyer

Jack Klemeyer

Slated to deliver the closing comments (our monthly business pep-talk) is my friend and coach, Jack Klemeyer. Jack sent me an e-mail this morning that led me to his Facebook page: That led me to the Jack and Neil Show, where Jack shoots the coaching and marketing breeze with Neil Richmund (

Two great links – that’s Added Value #1 for you!

For Added Value #2, here is a great thought to jump-start your week. It’s from Dave Van de Walle at

“While you’re waiting for the absolute right time to launch that business of yours, someone else is coming up with the exact same idea. Except they are implementing on it.”

That deserves the red-letter treatment, doesn’t it? Attack this week with urgency, my friends!  –JR

Before the Blitz

It’s not football season yet… But the Kokomo area is about to see and hear more about the benefits of becoming a Rainmaker, and we’ll experience together the increases in the local economy and quality of life!

Erica Cunningham activity

Erica Cunningham leads the activity.

Big words, I know. But if you know any of the folks that have been attending the Power Circle training sessions Thursdays at 8 a.m. at Star Bank on Markland Avenue, you’ve probably already heard stories. For example, Erica Cunningham (pictured at the right) led the group last week in a great activity that helped us see how being focused and specific in asking for referrals makes a huge difference in the outcome. Most of the people in the room were able to get a connection for exactly the person or business they have been trying to meet!

As I was saying, you might have heard reports about how the stronger business relationships, accountability to higher goals & higher performance, and other elements of our activities have been helping local businesses (and businesspeople) to grow.

But the best part is…it’s been a lot of fun! Join us this Thursday at 8 a.m. Then, watch and listen for the promotional “blitz” of the August 19th launch of Rainmakers Kokomo After Hours.