The “Likes” You Like – Clean-Up Time?

(Post updated on 9/29/2016 to reflect changes Facebook has made since originally posted. Thanks for reading!)

Do you use a Facebook Fan Page to promote your business or organization? On your page, there’s a panel on the right that shows the Fan Pages where you have clicked LIKE. Coincidentally, it’s called “Likes.”

Have you clicked LIKE on the Weird Al Yankovic fan page? Are you personally interested in beekeeping or origami?  Are you a fan of the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders?thumbs up

I’m not judging. I’m simply here to ask you if these pages reflect the professionalism and personality of your business? Does that include everyone at your business?

I’m also not saying that you should take a vote among your co-workers. I’m suggesting that the LIKES that your Fan Page displays be focused on pages that would be appealing to the largest number of your customers. Visitors to your fan page should only see items that are consistent with YOUR brand image.

So, if your brand image is all about fun, you might actually click LIKE on Weird Al’s fan page, and show that goofy mug on your page. But if your brand image is about helping homeowners save money, you might restrain your LIKES to DIY fan pages, big box stores like Lowes and Menards, and financial services.

What if you’ve already clicked LIKE on the “horrorcore” hip-hop group, Insane Clown Posse? Again, I’m not judging…. Wait – really? ICP? OK, back to not judging now. Scroll down to see “Liked By This Page” somewhere in the right-hand column (those blocks can be moved within the column).  Click the little arrow pointing to the right to see all the Fan Pages that you’ve liked as your page.

liked by your page


You’ll see a dialogue box like the one below, that lists several of your “liked” pages. You can scroll down to see the rest. When you find a page that  you’d rather didn’t appear on your fan page, hover your mouse pointer over the “Liked as Your Page” button. It will then show you the menu choices below. (My pages is for my marketing business, so it shows potential clients and folks I network with. But, if a page I’ve liked doesn’t support my brand image favorably, I should eliminate it from this list!)

page likes to unlike


Choose “Unlike as Your Page” to get rid of it. (You can always “like” it again from your personal account.) Just making sure that the “Posts in News Feed” is unchecked will not make it disappear from this box. Your  fans will still see it here.

Scroll down through the rest of your LIKES. I recommend that you make sure you’ve gotten rid of things like adult-oriented photos and foul language. It’s up to your judgement, but you might want to remove items that are political “hot buttons” as well. Why risk losing a potential client over a political topic that might never actually come up in conversation with that client?

I hope this has been helpful. If you have any further helpful ideas on this topic, please leave a comment below.

Do you need help with other social media tools and practices? Feel free to post those suggestions in the comments below, as well. Thanks for reading! –JR/MM





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