Digital or Paper – Best for Your Business?

Writing-business-notes-tablet-pensIn my business life, I started with a paper calendar for planning and prioritizing tasks, and tracking appointments. It was called a Franklin Planner.

Later, I used a variety of digital devices (i.e. Palm), also called Personal Digital Assistants, or PDAs. I used them in combination with paper tablets. For one job, I was required to keep my daily calendar in Microsoft Outlook on a company-provided laptop. My schedule was “visible” to my supervisor, who worked in another city. I freaking hated that. We can talk about that another day.

My current solution is to keep track of appointments and contacts in my iPhone. A major benefit of having my contacts and calendar in digital form on iPhone means that they are constantly and securely backed up in “the cloud.”  I really appreciate that. I use a composition notebook to record project details, ideas, seminar notes, and such.

Among my friends that are writers, several of them use Moleskine notebooks of various sizes, and swear by them, and even have preferences over the type of pen they use when writing in them.

What do you prefer for tracking appointments, contacts, and project info? Digital or paper, or some combination? Why?

Optional question for extra credit: How important is the capability to set priorities in your digital device or system?


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