Don’t Make a List, Tell a Story

Top-of-mind awareness is the Golden Ring of marketing, and when you succeed in marketing, your business grows.

Tell A Great Story

One way to achieve T.O.M. is to “touch” your customers and potential customers frequently. Monthly, weekly, daily, even HOURLY with social media or mobile advertising – TOM can happen if you have the time and resources to constantly remind your audience that you’re ready to serve them.

Making a strong impact and being memorable is another way to stay Top Of Mind with the folks in your world. I’m not saying that being memorable will make the constant touches unnecessary, but – let’s face it – unless you have a HUGE advertising budget, it’s tough to be everywhere all the time.

Let your customer’s memory do the work for you. HOW? By telling stories about your company, your products, and your people.

“What should I tell them?” Make sure your stories illustrate the values that your company holds, and how those values are demonstrated to a particular client, in a particular way, by one of your employees or ambassadors.

I’m often guilty of answering the question, “What do you do?” with a list of services I provide. The response is typically, “Oh. OK.” But when I talk about a client that I’ve recently served in some exciting or fulfilling way, it ALWAYS leads to further questions – a deeper conversation about being the Marketing Mercenary. Which do you think that person will remember?

BONUS TIP: There have also been times I’ve talked about a business challenge, rather than a success. People naturally want to help. They want to show you that they have good ideas, connections, and resources, too. So, even talking about a challenging situation can help someone remember you when showed your appreciation and gave them recognition for their intelligence and resourcefulness. This is what’s know as a Win-Win, my friend.

We recently helped a local restaurant owner update numerous facets of his marketing platform at a very affordable cost. I’d love to tell you the details. Send me a note –

(NOTE: I was only briefly tempted to entitle this article “3 Reasons to Not Make a List.”)


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  1. I could not resist commenting. Very well written!

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