Facebook Users: Time to Shop for a New Pen?

Keep using Facebook, or go shopping for something new?Facebook is your old, favorite pen. You’ve been using it for years. It’s always at your disposal. You’ve been trying to ignore this fact, but increasingly…

Your dear old pen starts to skip. It doesn’t write perfectly when you try to use it. You shake it down, trying to get the ink to flow like it used to. It works again, for now. You keep doing this because you can’t find ink refills for it.

The part of this analogy that’s the most useful for us all is right here: When you have an old, favorite pen, you keep trying to use it while it’s clunky and unreliable – it’s getting in the way of what you really want to do. So, you fail to do what you really should do – look for something else that will work better….

Facebook is not broken. But it has been “skipping” a lot lately. Every time it changes it’s interface, it frustrates users. It has take an long time to improve the ways users can handle privacy issues, but SPAM posts and virus-laden video links seem to be appearing more and more often. I feel like I have to ask this question of friends more and more frequently: “Is that really you, or is it SPAM?”

I think those of us that are enthusiastic users of social media (business, personal, or both) know that there must be a better way, but we don’t want to take the time and effort to see if Google+ or Twitter or a blog or some desktop tool (or a combination of these) will help us to connect with the kinds and number of people that we want to have in our on-line community or communities.

New platforms are appearing all the time. They serve niche interests like dating, church youth ministry, creative arts, farming, cooking, video and others.

It may be time to start looking for that new pen. I know it is for me.

I’m not going to tell you to throw away that old, favorite pen today. I’m still shaking the ink down to the business end of mine. But I’ve started shopping for a new one.

In the meantime, I’m spending additional time on Google+. Think about joining me, or creating the next big thing that will be everyone’s favorite pen for years.

Where are you looking? Or, are you using the Facebook pen until you have no other choice but to leave?

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