Getting Over the “Hiccups”


Due to some unusually large orders in the month of April, I have shot, reviewed, edited, and delivered about FOUR TIMES the photos in the last month than ever before!

Just having a little fun with one of the "outtakes".

Just having a little fun with one of the “outtakes”.

This wore me out physically, and I got sick this first week of May. Just a bad cold – fortunately nothing too serious.


Don’t get me wrong. I’m extremely grateful for some new opportunities that came my way.

Here’s the catch. May and June are traditionally my busiest months. And I started the month of May “under the weather.” Not only did I struggle for most of April to keep up with the workload, I got way behind on my home lawn care responsibilities. This time of year, that means that, among other things, my grass got REEEEALLY long. I had to hire a pro to come and “mow me out”! Not that big of a deal for some of us, but I actually enjoy mowing. It takes about 3 hours or so. I listen to music in my big earmuff headphones, and think, and sometimes pray. And, I get some much-needed exercise.

What’s worse is that, during this rough patch, I’ve neglected the platform I use to keep in contact with you – my blog, my Facebook fan page, Twitter (@mmercenary), and even some networking opportunities. When you don’t stay in contact with your audience or customer base, people will look elsewhere for the resources you provide.

What did I learn from this hiccup in the generally smooth Marketing Mercenary process? Two main things:

1) I need systems that are better documented with forms, so that details don’t fall through the cracks when a surge of business comes in.

2) I need to establish resources for outsourcing certain repetitive tasks, so that I can work through a surge of clients and jobs efficiently in the future. During the surge is the wrong time to research and evaluate these folks.

Has this ever happened to you? Are you prepared to get a boatload of new business? What can you take from this to be better prepared in case you or a primary employee have to take a few “sick days”?

Maybe you’re getting behind on your social media or marketing. Perhaps you’d like to set up some contingency plans for your marketing in case of a “hiccup”. Give me a call at (765) 997-8687 for a free consultation.

And stay healthy, my friends.  –JR


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