Great tips for job seekers!

These are funny. And, possibly EXTREMELY useful. Take a look.

10 Questions Not to Ask in the Job Interview – from

I think my favorite is the one concerning getting rid of someone for poor performance. However, the author didn’t cover asking for a huge sign-on bonus. Too bad. I guess I’ll just keep using “trial and error” on that one.

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  1. Wen

    First and foremost, you’re more handsome than the lizard, glad we can move on from those days!!
    Secondly I read your link, seems rather common sense to me. I didn’t see if these are ACTUAL questions known to be asked of potential employers (funnier) or heads up list for the near ignorant, either way, amusing!
    Now to consider the type of person that might actually ask some of these questions, hmmm, they vote and they have drivers licenses -THAT’S THE SCARY PART – and also explains the current state of the nation!!

  2. Good points all, Wen. As far as I know, these were heads up for the near ignorant, as you put it. Thanks for stopping by!

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