Hard-Core Networking: 4 Tips for Being Unforgettable

Hard-Core Networking: 4 Tips For Being Unforgettable

Networking is about starting and building relationships. And, about getting referrals. Yes, it’s also about giving referrals. But for the next few moments, we’re going to talk about making an unforgettable, share-able impression when you attend networking functions.

These can also be used when you make initial contact with someone in a business or social arena. The main point is your first impression, and each subsequent one, being as strong as possible. Now, the faint of heart, please return to Facebook at this time. For the brave, we forge on.

1) Know your company, your product/service, and why YOU are in the position to acquire customers. This knowledge is power in any business conversation.

2) Give a brief, hard-hitting introduction that covers all three.

3) The “Tight Ask”* – make sure you ask for something or someone specific enough that 80% of the people in the room think of a specific THING or PERSON to which they can refer you the INSTANT you say it.

4) Make it DROP-DEAD easy for people to contact you:

  • A great business card
  • A memorable website domain name
  • A memorable e-mail address (based on that memorable domain name)
  • A freebie that folks will use, like a bottle opener, pen, or flashlight, imprinted with your name/number/e-mail

When I say “memorable” it could be funny, clever, or just really, really easy to remember due to it’s clarity or simplicity.

You don’t have to do all these things at your next opportunity. I don’t do them all, but I have seen all of them done to great advantage. I’m confident in this: when you start adding these strategies, you start seeing better results.

You want better results, or you wouldn’t be reading this, now would you?

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*I first heard this phrase used by Tony Scelzo, founder of the Indianapolis-based networking organization called Rainmakers. You can find him at

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