Have you looked outside? Update!

These clouds rolled in, and the temperature dropped almost 20 degrees at about 7:45 p.m. said, “Currently partly sunny and 85 degrees.”  The wind speed was 8 mph. 8 mph does not make an American flag stand straight out horizontally, or the trees whip back I forth like a flyswatter. (I’m estimating about 50 mph.) Guess they were as surprised as we were!

I shot a few more images as an eerie color filled the sky as the sun was going down, and the light filtered through the rain. It also provided a full rainbow that appeared to touch the ground between our house and the woods to the south.

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  1. Pam

    Were you listening to the WWKI Storm Team? They started around 6pm with reports of damage in Chicago coming our way………..before Z92.5.

  2. Mark McClure

    WOW great pics!!!

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