Instagram Adds Emoji to Hashtags – Internet Dead-Ends?

Instagram Adds Emoji to Hashtags – #SocialMedia Dead-Ends?

I really enjoy the progress of tech and the Internet most of the time. However, Instagram announced today that they will include emoji within hashtags on their picture-posting platform.

I can’t wrap my mind around that. I understand the expressive aspect of emoji, for the person adding those characters to their post. However, a benefit of the hashtag is using them to find similar content to that which you’re interested. In other words, clicking on a hashtag is like asking “What else is being said today about the topic of my choice?”

How likely are you to enter #sonsofanarchy<3 instead of #sonsofanarcy, for example? Seems to me that this new development will result mainly in dead-end hashtags. In other words, they look clever or will perhaps illicit a smile when posted, but no one will search for it to reveal more widespread use on that platform. A dead end.

I’m also fairly certain that inclusion of emoji will make #somethingthatsalreaydhardtoread even worse.

Instagram did not bother to explain why they had created this solution-in-search-of-a-problem. Upon searching the webz, I found an article on that strongly implies Instagram is just keeping up with the Twitter Joneses:

Twitter, of course, has recently started letting users add Star Wars emojis via hashtags.

(Yikes. Perusing my Twitter stream for about 45 minutes today, I saw no such hashtags.)

Thanks for nothing, Instagram. #futurefail

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