Keys to Mobile Marketing Success – Part 2 of 4

This week’s “Key to Mobile Marketing Success” is item #2 – “Offer it to them first.” Keys to Mobile Marketing Success - Part 2 of 4

 Last week, in Part 1, we defined success in mobile marketing, and we talked about how to make the subscribers to you mobile marketing keyword lists feel like they’re getting the best you can offer.

This week, we’ll spend a few moments on how to give them the earliest opportunities to connect with your brand and spend money!

(For a very brief overview of how mobile marketing can help your business, please watch the video about our LocalMobiDealz platform!)

Give It To Them First

The primary reason behind “Give It To them First” is to give your subscribers the feeling that they have the earliest opportunity to see what you’ve created, to get the best seats in the house, and to beat their non-mobile-assisted friends and neighbors to the punch. With your help, your subscribers can have the pride and excitement of being “early adopters” in their shopping experiences with your company or brand.

How about a few examples?

New Product Launches

  • Give your mobile subscribers opportunities to take advantage of early releases.
  • Invite them to be the first to try new flavors. You can even invite them to give input that could change a new item. This will give your subscribers a feeling of “ownership” in your company or brand.
  • Give them a substantial discount if they purchase before the public announcement. This will help to create “buzz” about your product or service.
  • Let them “test drive” the new car line-up for the new model year before the general public – go as far as staging a “preview event” for mobile subscribers. Make it a party! This strategy can be used for any product that is updated on a predictable schedule.

Make sure to indicate in your text messages that your subscribers are able to take advantage of these opportunities before the rest of your customers. Implied or stated in your messages will be another great marketing tool – the DEADLINE. A deadline can create a sense of demand in the customer like no other factor. Let them know that they have until the 12th, then anybody can get the same deal. Or, the deal disappears forever.

New Services or Service Programs

  • Let your mobile subscribers help you “road test” your new lower pricing structure for a series of services, such as 5, 10, and 20-minute massages. Have them fill out a brief survey after their service, and make the changes they indicate you should!

Time – I Mean, Our Product – is Running Out!

  • Tell your mobile subscribers when your inventory of a particular favorite item is running low. Give them a coupon or discount code so that they can help you sell the last few of those hair bows from last season, the sneakers that are being updated, the bowls of chili from lunch, or the last three remaining 2012 Cadillacs! Make this discount SUBSTANTIAL. It’s almost always better to make room on your shelves (or dealership lot) for the new products than to keep the old ones around!

There are tons more examples we could share, but that should be enough to get you thinking.If you’re ready to get started, just click here and send me an e-mail. We can literally have your mobile marketing system up and running in a matter of hours.

Speaking of speedy, next week we’ll share Part 3 of 4 – “Respond to Them Instantly.”


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