Keys to Mobile Marketing Success – Part 3 of 4

keys to mobile marketing success part 3Keys to Mobile Marketing Success, Part 3:
Respond to Them Instantly

Ironically, this post appears about a week “late”. I was on vacation last week, and did not prepare this post in advance, so I apologize for the delay. Now, let’s get to it!

First, you may need to review the first post, in which I define “mobile marketing success”. Take a look by clicking here.

Instant Gratification

In preparation to promote our mobile marketing platform, I found that responding “instantly” was one of the main factors preferred by subscribers. They want what they want, right now.

Fortunately, the infrastructure of your mobile marketing platform will (most likely) automatically respond with your message when a person sends a text (typically your chosen keyword) to your mobile marketing phone number. (Our LocalMobiDealz system will send a welcome message within two minutes of receiving the keyword from a new subscriber.)

If they can get the “coupon” or offer immediately, you should offer some incentivefor joining your subscriber list that they can redeem before they leave your store, restaurant, or dealership.

If your offer is for a web store, your platform should respond quickly enough that the shopper can redeem it on the current purchase. You might want to include something like “please wait just a few moments for your discount code” on the web page, next to your offer.

This “instant gratification” will help your subscribers understand that you’re marketing to them in a 21st-century way!

(Speaking of instant gratification, if you’re ready to let mobile marketing expand your customer base and your bottom line, please send me an e-mail: We can have you up and running with your own phone number and keywords for subscribers in a matter of hours!)

Mini Case Study

Let me go over a quick case study, of sorts. Recently, a prominent marketing technology guru offered “something great” if folks would text his first name AND their e-mail address to his mobile marketing number. Then, they would receive an e-mail confirmation link, click it, and be signed up for his great offer…

He posted this offer on Facebook. Facebook is instant, and in a little while, would-be subscribers were replying with comments like “It’s been 38 minutes – waiting for my confirmation.” Most were patient, but not all. It was over 1 hour later that I finally received my e-mail confirmation link. I didn’t receive the offer until the next morning.

The fellow apologized in a later post – he said that the response was overwhelming, and asked for everyone’s patience.

Did the guru lose anybody with the “long” wait? Possibly a few. But what about the next time? If he uses a mobile marketing vehicle to solicit subscribers in the future, folks might be very cautious, or ignore it completely.

Remember, mobile offers or “coupons” are similar to paper coupons, but with redemption rates that are 5 to 10 times higher. One reason for the higher response rate is that it’s almost guaranteed that the offer will be read by the subscriber, unlike the “spray and pray” strategy behind almost every other kind of advertising… even e-mail.

The Bottom Line

So, don’t over-complicate your system, or your offer. Mobile marketing helps people get what they want from you, as soon as you offer it. Make sure you’re allowing this technology to bring you new customers and more money – instantly!

If you’d like a brief step-by-step explanation of how a mobile marketing platform can work, just send me a request via e-mail: I’ll send you a PDF. Thanks for your interest!




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