Lesson from Nature

No terminal bud

No terminal bud

When I got home from a meeting this morning, I saw a pine tree in my yard that I look at all the time. I noticed again that it has lost it’s “terminal bud.” That’s the top end of the top branch, and it always points straight up on a pine tree. From this bud, they get taller. They grow in the direction they are supposed to go. Over a year ago, the tree was damaged somehow, and this important element is gone.

Well, because this bud is gone, the other three top-most branches are growing larger. The tree won’t have it’s perfect cone-shaped appearance. However, it will be much fuller, and produce more oxygen, and more pine cones that bear it’s seeds – because of this change.

It reminded me that we NEED adversity to really grow. Sometimes we “look different” afterwords, but have capabilities for growth that we didn’t have before. I know, I know. I hate going through those times, too. But, after a day like I had yesterday, and perhaps the week that you’re having, I’m sure glad for this reminder. I hope it helps.

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