MMMM Food for Thought – Catch Up

It’s Marketing Mercenary’s Monday Morning, and this is what I’m chewing on.

Catch Up

Food For Thought

Having just returned from a vacation trip, I’m “playing catch-up” today.

A few days “off the grid” has left me with a lot of tasks to accomplish, and several people to contact.

In a broader sense, I’m thinking about other areas where I should focus some of my energy…

  • With what technological trends have I fallen behind the curve?
  • Which marketing trends should I be researching, in order to best help my clients?
  • Which networking partners have I not “touched” in a while, to bring them value, or to simply know what’s going on in their world?

Today, I ask you the same questions I’m asking myself: In what areas do you need to catch up? And what’s your first step toward making progress in at least one area?

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