My First Time-Lapse “Video”

A great deal of last night’s storm took place to the north of our home, so I was able to stand outside with my camera and tripod, photographing the storm for the better part of an hour, and stay perfectly dry. Our view to the North is mostly unobstructed, so I took the opportunity to experiment with some time-lapse photography. These images were not shot at regular intervals. For some of them, I waited for a lightning flash. For others, I would shoot a series as quickly as I could hit the shutter again after an exposure (I used 2.5 second exposures most of the evening.)

While unfortunately I did not catch any actual lightning bolts, the images were fairly dramatic, especially when put into motion.

I took about 250 shots. You’ll see 76 shots from one sequence where I kept the camera in the same position for the longest time, thus providing a rough time lapse appearance. I call it a “video” because I was afraid that calling it “My First Time-Lapse GIF Animation”  would not be as appealing to those less technical among us.

lightning time-lapse

Lightning Time-Lapse 09-05-2014

I used the animation functions of Photoshop to create this animation. It only took about 20 minutes to batch-resize the images, import them as layers, insert them as frames, and export it as an animation. While Photoshop’s Help system did not explain this process as I executed it, I was able to kludge together a couple of other written tutorials that were easy to find via Google.

Enjoy! Tell me what you think in the comments below.


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  1. Patti Mula

    God’s lightening show was magnificent. The job you did recording it was magnificent as well.

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