“Name the Lizard” Contest

See the lizard in the banner up there? Suggest a name for him. The top 3 name suggestions will go into a poll for a vote on December 1, 2009. Winner will get a valuable (not really) item purchased from!

*Exactly, JR staff reserves the right to amend these rules and prizes without notice at any time. And to make fun of anybody that complains. Don’t like it? Don’t suggest a name.

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  1. Jason Carter

    Monte the Monitor Lizard

  2. Hims names is Conswaylo Torres

  3. jermtech

    he looks like a “fluffy” to me

  4. Inigo Montoya. Hands down.

  5. Inigo Montoya. Done.

  6. Tracy Geiger


  7. Brittany R.

    If Jonah was participating, his choice would be Monster. 🙂

  8. Alan Kaye

    Dudley Dewlap

  9. Ed Stoner

    Bob….Bob Estriatus.

  10. Mitch reeves

    Lizard name: Adidas (because of the obvious 3stripes on his side)

  11. Joe McDaniel


    – AKA the bearded lady. This is obviously a female since the males are always the good looking ones.

  12. Doug Renkenberger

    How about Dino?