No more clicking “Like” or…NOT clicking “Like”

Today (02-24-2016), Facebook is rolling out an expanded set of emoticons called “Reactions”. The intent is to convey a broader range of emotions, beyond clicking LIKE or… just not clicking anything.

Facebook’s new “Reactions” buttons: Like – Love – Haha – Wow – Sad – Angry


I’m not going to pass judgement yet on whether it’s a good idea/bad idea. I’m curious how having five new “Reactions” will play out in conversations on topics that are important to people. For example, will this be the improvement that Facebook believes folks want? Or, will it just be another way to mire discussions in negativity?

“Why did you click “Haha” on this story about animal abuse? #disgusting”
“I didn’t, you tool! I was laughing at comments from my friend who shared it!”

Did Facebook go far enough? What do you think is missing? My immediate reaction is that Facebook should have also included a “Seriously?” face. Many folks would describe this as the “Eye Roll”, but I would prefer more of a scowl, personally.

(COMING SOON: Body language “Reactions” such as “shrug”, “facepalm”, and “turns to leave”. I’m just kidding. That’s not really happening, as far as I kow. However “facepalm” would be a big help. But I digress…)

I think the emoji for “Seriously?” could use some improvement, and perhaps Facebook can do better. The folks at  believe that the “dissatisfied face” is the way to convey the reaction, “Seriously?”


“Dissatisfied Face” Emoji from

In order to post a “Seriously?” in a text or comment field, use these symbols: ಠ_ಠ

You’re welcome.

What “Reaction” do you think Facebook should have included? Which one of the new “Reactions” makes you think, “Wow, FINALLY, I can express my feelings!”

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