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(The QR codes to the left are identical, and will all take you to the “About JR” page on this website.)

Q) What is a QR code?
A) Everybody knows what they look like, but what exactly do they do? This answer is from

A QR Code (it stands for “Quick Response”) is a cell phone readable bar code that can store website URL’s, plain text, phone numbers, email addresses and pretty much any other alphanumeric data.

Q) Do you have to have a smartphone to use QR codes?
A) Yes, unless you’re using QR codes to patch a leaky waterbed.

Q) What are the best services to generate QR codes for my marketing purposes?
A1) That depends on your needs. My favorite is (That’s the whole URL – there is no <.com> after.) will shorten the link for you, give you a QR code, and TRACK IT’S PERFORMANCE*. That’s right. It will display a graph showing when and how often your shortened URL has been accessed via the QR code.

*You need a Google account to use, but there are so many great reasons to have a Google account, not the least of which is this tracking feature for your QR codes.

A2) Another great QR code service is, mentioned above. It will create QR codes that activate ALL KINDS of URLs or other information, such as:

  • a phone number
  • a Google Maps location
  • an iTunes link
  • a telephone number (just press “call” to make the call)
  • a YouTube video
  • a plain text message
  • and many more!

You can also select various sizes, according to your project needs.

Papa Roux hand-drawn QR codeQ) Are QR codes customizable, or do they all look like random black squares inside a white box?
A) They are somewhat flexible. They can contain colors, and even be hand-drawn. The code to the right will take you to the website for a great Indianapolis restaurant. If it doesn’t immediately register, pull the phone back just a bit when you scan it. Note the hearts, words, PacMan, and Space Invaders character, and other icons.

Q) How should I use QR codes?
A) Like many marketing tools, this is only limited by your imagination. Because the QR code reader is a smartphone application, please don’t use a QR code to route visitors to your standard (non-mobile) website. Use them to send visitors to a YouTube video for your non-profit’s fund-raiser. Use them to provide a special phone number for ordering your brand new product or service. Use them to direct visitors to your MOBILE webpage, if you have one. Use them to conduct a QR code-based scavenger hunt of your favorite customers, or to direct visitors to your Eventbrite invitation for your open house or seminar.

Q) Any questions?


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