Not a Reset – A Resolution and Declaration

Back on May 22, I started a 30-day writing exercise. Today, I declare it:

I am a writer.

Great Writers DeclarationWhen I started the 30 days, I described it by saying I was working on improving my writing. This is still absolutely true. But today, I’m no longer calling it an exercise. It’s what I believe I am.

Professionally, I have always been dedicated to communication with various media. All of those media embody writing as their core strength, except for photography. But even my photography is typically part of a larger message that depends very much on strong writing to be successful.

So, up there in the title, I call today’s message a resolution. It’s not a New-Years-resolution resolution. I am resolving the contradiction between writing for other activities and being a writer.

I am also a photographer, video producer, and virtual tour expert. But those titles describe activities. “Writer” describes, I believe more accurately, the calling of a person to be an artist, using words to craft his or her message.

Integrity (and attention to detail) forces me to also note the following: In this 15-day challenge, I will be participating in “15 Habits of Great Writers,” as defined and coached by Jeff Goins. At the conclusion of it, I will determine whether or not to complete the earlier 30-day commitment. I have a feeling it will be an unnecessary formality, but we’ll see.

If you want to join me, it’s not too late. See for the details.

When I started the 30 day exercise, I thanked Erik Deckers and Jeff Goins. Today is different. I thank my sister, Wendy Hoopengarder, for insisting for years that I was already a writer. Thanks, Sis. I guess you were right.


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  1. So glad to see you decided to join in on the fun. Glad you listened to your sister. sisters are generally right about alot of things. 😉 You are most definitely a writer.

    • J.R.

      Funny thing – another of my sisters is named Amy. Thank you very much for your encouragement, and for visiting my website! I’m looking forward to the 15-day challenge, and to seeing amazing writing from the participants such as yourself.

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