Seeking Input on Photo Effects

I would like your help with an experiment. I love to shoot landscape photography, but I very rarely process the photos afterword. I was experimenting with some color effects today, and went an extra step to mirror the image as well.

In the comments, please tell me which image you prefer, and why. Click *Read More* to see the second shot. You can click on the images to enlarge, if you wish.  Thank you very much!

Reservior Effects 1

Reservior Effects 2

Comments (6)

  1. I prefer Effects # 1. I think it is gives a more “calming” effect. Effects # 2 is more realistic but just make be think, “just another photo’. The first photo makes you think, first by asking yourself what t is it? and then looking more intensely to make sure you don’t miss anything. Love the mirror imaging. Wonderful job~

  2. Thank you, Corrine, for the feedback and the kind words!

  3. Angela

    My vote is #2. I am partial to the more “natural” scenery rather than effects.

  4. Thanks for commenting, Angela!

  5. Doug

    I like the second one also. I like how the “lump” of soil in the foreground looks like a whale or a monster rising out of the reservoir. The color effect is not bad but I also prefer the more natural look. I also like the fact that the color pallet in the second photo is narrow but not as monotone at the first photo.

  6. Thanks, Doug. The narrow color palette was partially due to the gray, overcast day. I actually wanted to shoot it under those conditions, knowing sunlight on the water would change the whole character of the shot, and make the shadows too deep for what I wanted. I should have marked my shooting position, so I could go back on a sunny day. Live and learn.

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