The Single Worst Habit in Business

We are continually bombarded with options.research

Don’t get me wrong… Many of those options are good. In fact, we often have so many good options from which to choose that we’re paralyzed, trying to narrow our choices down to two or three.

When we finally get down to two or three, we’re afraid of making the wrong decision, and we put it off until we know more.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of business, the economy, the Internet, and the rest of the world, “knowing more” is a constantly moving target. HOW WILL WE EVER DECIDE?

[Aside: If I’m describing any element of your efforts to market your business, just call or message me, and we’ll figure out a way to get you rolling.]

Now, by this point, you probably thought that I was going to say that the single worst habit in business is procrastination. You are close. In today’s business environment, the worst habit is RESEARCH.

“Wait! I have to know what I’m doing before I start something new…!”


You have to make progress, because the best among us are growing and learning by leaps and bounds, CREATING that “something new”. You’re going to have to start trying those new tools, new strategies, new products, etc.

Hang on a second. I don’t necessarily mean brand new to the marketplace. It could be something that’s been around for a while, but you just haven’t INVESTED the time or energy to get your feet wet. Yet.

So, here’s your new habit, starting NOW:

Take a quick look. Not weeks, or days, but HOURS. Maybe only minutes. Look at an alternative. Pick one, and try it.

You don’t have to make a great big deal out of starting. You don’t have to issue a press release, or announce this grand shift in all your marketing and social media channels. Just write down a few ideas that will guide you in making it a meaningful experiment, post it on your bulletin board, and freaking TRY IT.

Some of your new tools and platforms will be worth sticking with, and some will not, so don’t be afraid to drop it if you’ve given it a fair trial period, with an appropriate amount of effort. How do I know what’s “appropriate”? Ask two people you know who are already there. Once you’ve started, reevaluate, and make adjustments.

Where will you be in six months? You’ll be ahead of the competition, because many of them are stuck.

Just like you used to be.


You’re still a little hesitant. OK, I’m going to help you.

Click here. It will open your e-mail program, and place “” in the TO: field.

Next, put “STUCK” in the subject line. Click down to the area where you type your messages, and, in 1 OR 2 SENTENCES, describe your dilemma. What have you been wanting to try, but just can’t pull the trigger? Click SEND.

I will respond. I’ll ask you some questions. We’ll dig deeper if need be. We’ll get you rolling within 48 hours, or I’ll buy you a cup of coffee.



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