Submissions Needed: “Rock Ballads” for the Dentist’s Office Station

I had just sat down in the chair so they could begin the process of putting a crown on one of my molars – #19, as they affection call it. I noticed the overhead speaker was softly emitting Carly Simon singing, “I haven’t got time for the pain…” That seemed pretty funny to me.Musical tooth

While they were still preparing to drill, I heard Air Supply, then Barbara Streisand, then Dan Fogelberg, then Barry Manilow.

I love classic rock. Each time, as the next song played, I found myself thinking, “I hate Christopher Cross!” No I don’t. But I hate him when he follows Air Supply, then Barbara Streisand, then Dan Fogelberg, then Barry Manilow. After that succession, I hate everything.

I was about to suggest to the dentist that he have Bon Jovi Day. (I knew the mostly-female staff would go for that, too!) Then I realized that I would be tapping my foot, and that tapping would transfer all the way up my body. And ANY movement that happens in your mouth while the boss is drilling is a bad thing. So, Bon Jovi Day is a bad idea.

A better move might be some slow guitar blues. Great sounds, but very little toe tapping.

Wait a minute. Boston, Night Ranger, Journey, Meatloaf, etc., all have great ballads. Maybe I could program a 24-hour Rock Ballad station for dentist offices…

What’s your favorite rock ballad?

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  1. Interesting thoughts as you lay waiting for a good drilling. LOL!

  2. I have to learn to shift my idle thoughts to productive when I’m mostly just waiting…instead of thinking about how I could make a funny blog post out of this! Or not.

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