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HOT HOT HOT – Quick Marketing Ideas for Today

[warning]Record-setting heat is expected across the Plains today. Is your business taking advantage, with a fun weather-themed promotion? Consider these easy-to-implement ideas.[/warning]HOT HOT HOT

OFFER 10% off everything, PLUS another 10% off one item for EVERY DEGREE ABOVE 100! You think people would never root for a 106 degree day? Wrong. (Sorry, friends in Dallas, Texas.)

“Hotter Than Hell” Open House. This is for the business that can get away with something more edgy. Offer visitors Devil’s Food cake and ice water. And, of course, great specials and prizes.

Serve free ice cream and popsicles. That’s it – just be a good neighbor. Thank people for coming in, and ask them to please be careful today. Hand them an ice-cold bottled water on the way out. Just show people that you care.

What are your ideas for a HOT HOT HOT day? Note them here, or e-mail Marketing Mercenary ( to bounce your ideas around with someone.