Holding Back the Return of Vinyl

My children and their spouses recently gave me a USB turntable and a couple of vinyl records for my birthday. I am extremely grateful, and at the same time, paralyzed. Here’s why.

Vinyl Record

The Return of Vinyl

I’ve had a couple of boxes of record albums on the top pantry shelf for…ever, it seems. The latest date on any of the albums is from the early 1980’s. Those are my albums.

We also have some albums from the 1950’s and 1960’s. They belonged to my wife’s parents.

Time for a flashback: While I was in college, I fell in love with vinyl records. Yes, I LOVE them. I took radio production classes, in which the instructor taught us the proper way to handle and clean vinyl records before playing them. I heard and saw the difference it made in the sound. My dorm had a radio station, where I practiced the things I was learning. I was neck-deep in vinyl every Sunday from 8 p.m. to midnight.

Those albums of mine are in like-new condition. I’m almost afraid to touch them.

And how do choose which albums to digitize, and burn to CD, so I can listen to them again? How do I approach the task, when it could take weeks or months to get the selected albums done? What do I do with them AFTER they’ve been digitized?

These albums now sit in stacks on the kitchen table, waiting.

Then I realized that the real roadblock had nothing to do with the records. I was delaying because it meant I would have to tackle a completely different project that literally has been on my desk for years.

Part of the Problem

Part of the Problem

The mess on my desk.

I need a spot to put the turntable, near my desktop computer. But I’ve never been able to get my desk cleaned. Not even half-way. Ugh.

Then, it hit me. I remembered that I had proclaimed it The Year of the Banana. I have bunches of “rotten bananas” and even more bunches that could “spoil”, strewn across the entire desk, and even on the file cabinet adjacent to my desk. My integrity is at stake.

Is this my attempt to get someone to volunteer to hold me accountable – to figuratively standing over me with a ruler, and slap my hands when I stray from the task at hand to check Facebook…again? No, as it turns out, it’s my encouragement to you. And to myself.

What is holding you back from doing that thing that will give you a great deal of joy, satisfaction, or feeling of contribution?

Have you decided never to buy a motorcycle because they’re too dangerous?

Fine. You’ll never feel the wind in your face, or hear the roar as you zoom across the open highway. They have safety classes. Take them.

Have you been putting off making a major change in your health habits because health clubs are expensive, and you always end up quitting?

Fine. Die early. Or, enroll today. Right now.

Have you neglected to join an emergency services team because you don’t know if you have time, or you just don’t know who to call?

Fine. Never see the relief and love in the eyes of a child when you carefully hand them their family dog, after retrieving him from the basement of a tornado-ravaged house. Or, call your local Emergency Management office. They will tell you how to get started.

Your joy is waiting. MY joy is waiting, in a stack on the kitchen table. Let’s get moving.






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