The Year of the Banana

The Year Of The Banana

The Year Of The Banana

It’s my own decision. I have not seen it proclaimed on any calendar or news site.  I am posting this for my own benefit, and if it helps you – great! For me, 2012 is officially The Year of the Banana.

Last year, I read “Do The Work” and “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield. Both of those works talk about defeating Resistance, and producing results in your vocation, hobby, or other of life’s goals.

This morning, thanks to a link that was tweeted by my writer friend Erik Deckers (@edeckers), I landed on the blog of another writer by the name of Jeff Goins. Goins’ post was called “The Last Writing Prompt You’ll Ever Need.” and it lead me to his e-book, which I’ll let you discover on your own. The e-book was very similar to Pressfield’s work, with a kinder, gentler style.

With Goins’ material fresh in my mind, I started to make breakfast. I began thinking about how long it has been since I updated this blog. In my hand at that moment was a banana.

I peeled and sliced it into a bowl, then added cereal. I realized how the banana could represent many of my work efforts, and my frustration with my own lack of results. You see, if you peel back the skin of a banana, you have a limited amount of time before it turns brown and mushy, and must be thrown away. Even if you leave the skin on, eventually that banana will go bad.

So many of my projects have been “peeled,” and even “sliced,” and never “eaten” (completed). Or, they’ve been left with the skin on, and never even started.

What a colossal waste.

My first productive act of 2012 was to print out a photo of a partially peeled banana. At that moment, for the banana, it must be “completed,'” or you might as well throw it away. In order to bring this sense of purpose and urgency to my work, I have posted the photo on my project board, next to my desk.

“Which banana will I peel next?” will be my starting point, with the determination that, once begun, I will continue on that project (no matter how insignificant or daunting) until completed. If another urgent matter takes me away from that peeled banana, I only leave it with the  mental note that it deserves my full attention as soon as I can possibly return to it.

Please pardon the pun, but, having proclaimed this The Year of the Banana, I can see 2012 being a lot more fruitful.


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  1. Angela

    How true.. perhaps this needs to be my banana year too!

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