Three Requirements for Progress


Is your business “stuck”? Are you having trouble moving ahead in a project or activity? Wondering why you can’t keep up any consistent momentum? You need enthusiasm, motivation, and commitment to make progress.

  • Enthusiasm means excitement, joy, or positive energy. Think about how that makes a difference in everything you do. You could also call it “spirit”.
  • Think about what drives you – your “why” – the reasons behind the reasons. That’s motivation.
  • Commitment can also be called loyalty, purpose, or determination. What makes you go at it again and again when you have difficulty, or even when you fail? We’re talking about commitment.

When any of these falter, the other two will be negatively affected. When you improve any of these, you can make positive progress in the other areas. I believe this to be true in business productivity, faith, relationships, personal development, and sports performance. In fact, I can’t think of an area that would not follow this principle.

What’s more, I’m afraid that even if you’re amazingly strong in any one of these and lack the other two, any success/progress will be short-lived. For example, a person with strong commitment, yet lacking enthusiasm or motivation will be subject to rapid burn-out.

Your challenge today: Take 5 minutes to choose an area of life that could use improvement on one of these pillars. List three ways to make that improvement. Pick one, and do it.

Do you have a similar principle to share? Do you disagree with this one? Would you like to see more on this topic?


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