Where Were You?

It’s a rhetorical question. I should say, “You missed a great show by InsideOut tonight!”

Ibn Saud Grotto hosted a charity motorcycle ride/picnic/concert tonight. I was told that response for the ride was very good. The audience for the bands was much smaller. (More after the photos.)

Too bad. We were able to make it for InsideOut’s second local performance in as many weeks,  along with only 30 or 40 other folks. InsideOut played another solid show , filled with classics that will make you say, “Why doesn’t every cover band play that?” They added a few new gems, too. Check ’em out on Facebook.

Bottom line:  We had a great time! Watch for InsideOut playing again in October.

Comments (2)

  1. I’m sure thay were good but I’m guessing the fact that AFR (Atlanta Rhythm Section) was playing for free at Foster Park, had something to do with the turnout. They had close to 1000 people at their show and they rocked it out!

    • I forgot that ARS was here this weekend! No offense to my InsideOut friends, but that’s a big draw right there. Even considering that, the ARS fan may have pretty specific tastes, and the InsideOut set list would appeal to a broader spectrum of listeners. Check ’em out sometime!

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